by Drawstring

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Our first album
Couldn't have done this without all of our mates and family.

Available on 12" through:
Beth Shalom Records
Circle House Records
Stay In Bed Records

Backpack Records

Old Press Records



released December 2, 2016

All songs written by Ben and Sam
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ricky Beetlestone at The Clubhouse Studios in June 2016
Artwork by Graham Clark @ Drawnin1985
Additional Percussion on track 10 by Matt Thom.
Additional harmonies by Punk Rock Rick.



all rights reserved


drawstring London, UK

pop duo from kent, uk

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Track Name: Melon
My melon has twisted
Your vision has shifted
Like a lemon, you're acidic
But at the moment i'm addicted.
Track Name: Little Conversation
i’ve been sitting here for days,
wondering if i can come home yet,
cause i’m so dead
i separated the words you said
to see if i could even form something
that makes a little fucking sense in my brain.
it started with a little conversation,
but i know, i know you’re so impatient.
came round anyway, i came round one more time
just to tear myself in two.
but i knew that in the end,
that you’re never gonna see me, never gonna
hurt me, slipped well away from the wreck
that you made me.
seemed like the one in the wrong,
you made me seem like the one in the wrong.
drag me home again,
18 years old and i’m a fucking mess.
drag me by my feet, said i wasn’t ready and it
came back and hit me, i got the quote
left by the side but i know
i’m not taking this shit anymore.
Track Name: Cool
and i know, we’re falling apart
four months down the line.
and we’re back to the start.
i felt it
deep within.
you’re cooler than everyone else
and so much taller than myself
Track Name: Ache
i could pour my heart out
in this empty song
but it makes no difference
if people sing along
would the pain erase itself
or be sat upon my shelf
have i really even achieved
if i own a trophy of my grief
i know he never really wanted to be
another boy with the desire
for a time machine
but maybe if he hadn’t
used you all along
he wouldn’t shake and
you would ache as he sings this song
Track Name: Weekend
scared of another weekend, taking it out on myself
fucking sick of it
i’ve been aware of the end and i’m dreading it
can’t help but feel that i fail at everything
even the way that i walk on the pavement
don’t think i’m gonna be able to save you
i couldn’t even look at you now
i’m too fucking scared to walk on the pavement.
Track Name: Way Home
i was on the way home
i had run away
i had nowhere to stay
my friends had gone away
they know i’m not okay
Track Name: School
it’s my last month of college i still haven’t had sex yet
i’m pouring out the reasons why i feel like the world’s dead
there’s something in my body that i know shouldnt be there
i’ve told myself a thousand times it’s not a catastrophe
but what’s more catastrophic than not wanting to be me
i’ve been asking the questions again, like
if i was old would it matter,
if i stayed in school would i give it all up
if i didn’t care would i bother
i know that i’ve been trying to submerge it all
i found a boy, he was locked in his room
this boy he sure doesn’t like to come out and
and he doesn’t like to move.
he worries that his bands are just too underrated
but he knows that everything is always put in his places
i don’t feel for him, he pisses me off
he keeps on staying up but he knows that he can stop
he likes to keep his thoughts all to himself
he wants to try heaven but he’s already in hell
and i hate him, and he hates me
just stop crying over nothing.
like if i was old would it matter,
and if i was dumb would it swallow me up
and if i didnt care would i bother
i know that i’ve been trying to submerge it all
and if i could wait for the summer
would it still be bad, would i be fed up
if i was cool would you see me
as someone that you might wanna hang around with
and if i weren’t such a fucking coward,
maybe we could tie another knot around this
like if i was old would it matter,
if i stayed in school would i give it all up
if i didn’t care would i bother
i know that i’ve been trying to submerge it all
if i could wait for the summer
would it still be bad would i be fed up
if i weren’t such a fucking coward
maybe i could find my way out of bad luck
Track Name: Chicago Town
i found tranquility up on your bed
how’d you know it’s not in my head?
spend most of the time getting worked up over nothing
like a record on repeat, i can’t stop thinking
listen to Nevermind just sit back and waste time
like we do every night it’s just us, you and i
Track Name: What I Want
is it what i want? is it what i need?
my lungs flood at the thought of us
just smoke up, maybe we’ll turn to dust
maybe we’ll learn to trust
if i ask you a question answer, got this feeling
in my head i’ve asked you a thousand times
but you speak no answer, every word is done
Track Name: Johnny B Bad
persistency is what you never could achieve. talk to me,tell me everything you see.
the end is what you never could perceive. fall for me, tell me everything you need.
i went to the extremes to find a way, but the next morning you threw it away.